Thankyou for your support.

This years Simply Downhill Race weekend took place on 14th and 15th August at Nant Gwrtheyrn, a brand new race Venue in North Wales.

Results - Saturday, Sunday.

Thankyou to everybody who made the weekend happen and everybody who came, especially;

Nant Gwrtheyrn

All the marshals

MIJ for the timing

Extreme Medics

The drivers

All our prize sponsors

Everybody who has helped to build the track

Rachel and Liz for their hard work and support

Trevor Williams

Stephen Hardcastle

DJs Felix and Guy


Campbell Downhill coaching day prizes went to, Saturday - Mat Morrissey and Katie Hallam. Sunday - Neil Bridgestock and Lynsey Evans.

Leisure Lakes Bikes 69th Place (oh yer) prize went to Will Roberts.


Saturday -


1st - Laurie Greenland, 2nd - Nils Williams, 3rd - Tristan Riley - Fox


1st - Ben Lovell, 2nd - Geraint Pugh, 3rd - Mathew Davies, 4th - Gareth Wyn Jones, 5th - Henry Simons


1st - Callum Dew, 2nd - Brad Mather, 3rd - Russel Paver, 4th - Vivian Jones, 5th - Richard Acott


1st - Rob Stokes, 2nd - Kurtis Knowles, 3rd - James Swinden, 4th - Adam Page, 5th - Mark Antrobus


1st - Sion Jones, 2nd - Ben Greenland, 3rd - Colin Williams, 4th - Steven Smith, 5th - Gwynedd Jones


1st - James Tagimuri, 2nd - Dai Jones


1st - Emyr Davies, 2nd -  Nikki Whiles, 3rd - Tom Fryer, 4th - Rhys Evans, 5th - Joe Bishop

Non Elite women

1st - Lynsey Evans, 2nd - Katie Hallam, 3rd - Kerry Wrigglesworth

Elite Women

1st - Mannon Carpenter, 2nd - Harriet Latchem

Elite Men

1st - Josh Bryceland, 2nd - Al Bond, 3rd - Harry Heath, 4th - Rowan Sorrell, 5th - Dan Critchlow

Sunday -


1st - Laurie Greenland (thats his dad), 2nd - Tristan Riley - Fox, 3rd - Nils Williams, 4th - William Riley - Fox


1st - Ben Lovell, 2nd - Mathew Davies, 3rd - Gareth Wyn Jones, 4th - Dan Brown, 5th - Will Roberts


1st - Brad Mather, 2nd - Callum Dew, 3rd - Russell Paver, 4th - Vivian Jones, 5th - Richard Acott


1st - James Swinden, 2nd - Kurtis Knowles, 3rd - Jake Hancock, 4th - Adam Page, 5th - Chris Lazenby


1st - Colin Williams, 2nd - Ben Greenland, 3rd - Sion Jones, 4th - Rick Minshull, 5th - Andy Hyam


1st - Nikki Whiles, 2nd - Emyr Davies, 3rd - Leon Rosser, 4th - Joe Bishop, 5th - Owain James

Non elite Female

1st - Lynsey Evans

Elite female

1st - Manon Carpenter, 2nd - Harriet Latchem


1st - Josh Bryceland, 2nd - Harry Heath, 3rd - Al Bond, 4th - Dave Smith (Honest), 5th - Dan Critchlow

Thanks Colin Jones for podium pics.